Basket Case

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A truly scrappy quilt using all your favourite fabrics. A simple centre and a glorious lush border.

Quilt measures approximately 64 inches x 64 inches.

This pattern contains:

  • Full-size pattern with instructions and images.
  • Basket Case is currently available in hardcopy.

Pattern FAQ

I have heard many teachers tell students that the project may be too advanced for them.I believe that if you like a pattern, there is every chance that you will strive to complete it.There are a lot of tutorials that you can watch to help you along the way.

Definitely No.

Most of the fabric I use when making my quilts comes from my stash which has taken me many years to collect.  So no… it isn’t always easy to find the same fabric but there are lots of newer substitutions.

As I don’t have a shop I am not able to supply you with fabric.