MATILDA – virtual workshop

I got the inspiration for MATILDA when I was doing my daily walk (well…maybe not daily). I wanted to design a quilt that had simple flowers and eventually this came into my mind – and I drew it out as soon as I could.

I started off doing a smaller block – 4 inches) – and because it looked so cute I drafted it as a 6 inch block. Because it was such a simple block I use colourful fabric for each 6 inch block background .

When I put my 6 inch blocks together into a 12 inch block I loved it so much I decided to do a few more blocks…..which grew and grew. I’m not sure if I’ve finished with it as yet.


Sunday 9 May at 8.00 am Melbourne time
Saturday 8 May 2021 – PST 3.00 pm
Saturday 8 May 2021 – CST 5.00 pm
Saturday 8 May 2021 – EST 6.00 pm

This virtual workshop will teach you my basics for needleturn applique. Straight line applique, curves, points in leaves, circles and of course an hilarious way of making stems. I also use a lightbox which eliminates the need for making templates. For me, needleturn applique must be fun – it does not have to be accurate – our “perceived” mistakes are all part of the charm of our quilts.

This is an interactive workshop where I explain and demonstrate each step in detail then give you time to complete that step – before I continue to the next step. So you work side by side with me. While working on your quilt you will have lots of time to ask questions.

The workshop runs for 3 hours. The cost of the workshop is AU$55.00 plus the pattern, which you can buy HERE as a pdf for AU$14.00.