Precious Time Fabric & Quilts – Toowoomba

Teaching at Precious Time Fabric & Quilts over the weekend was an extremely fun and exciting time for me.

Patrina picked me up from Wellkamp Airport – how good is it to fly directly from Melbourne to Toowoomba? And get fed a complete meal and drinks on the way?  Really great service by Airnorth.

I had workshops on Saturday and Sunday.  What I loved about the women in my workshop was their enthusiasm for most of my projects – for example – I have started a new project with the background fabric called Palette Pleasure.  They loved what they saw so much that a few of them have already bought the same background fabric.  I am so not good at choosing names and asked for help to name this new project.  A few names were discussed and Amanda came up with the best – Spring Fever.  I will be back at Precious Time in April next year to teach this quilt – and others – so if you want to book in I’d suggest that you do that ASAP as the numbers have already started filling.  They also liked my version of Seven Sisters using EPP and a few of them are eager to start that – pattern will be out soon.

The projects for the weekend workshop were a kinda mixed bag of my quilts, but on Saturday most of the girls focused on clamshells.  This would have to be one of my BEST workshops and the one I have taught the most – here in Australia and internationally.  Eileen worked on her Paradise of Birds, a BOM from Material Obsession.

I’ll start with the photos of the quilters from my workshop.

Dianne, Jenny, Kyleigh, Robby
Dianne, Jenny, Kyleigh, Robbie
Amanda, Margaret, Eileen, Sue
Amanda, Margaret, Eileen, Sue
Lorna, Di, Linda
Lorna, Di, Linda

As Sunday was Father’s Day there was a smaller group of quilters. Some continued on their clamshells, Robbie started Confetti, Kyleigh started my Chambray Cushion, Linda started my Chambray purse, Amanda continued with her Mosaics started in a previous class (we won’t say how long ago that was!) and most of them dipped into their clamshells from time to time.

Here are some photos of the work that was done over the weekend – thanks Jess for taking the pics as I was sooo busy teaching – well having fun as well.

classroom 4


classroom 3

classroom 1classroom 2

A big thank you to Patrina and Jess for looking after me and making me feel so welcome in their home.

And lastly, here is another project that I started – it was a sort of challenge – though I’m not sure by whom.  During show and tell at Midnight Madness I (or was it Mary?) started talking about doing a sewalong with the group and before I knew it I was sewing 1 inch half square triangles which became this chevron quilt.  I’ve run out of the chambray and will use some other lighter fabric – by lighter I mean in colour as well as in weight.  Chambray was not a good choice for half square triangles as its quite thick and the seams had to be beaten into place!


I have decided not to feel so guilty about not posting as often as I’d like to – and hopefully I will do it better in the future! Fingers crossed – until the next time…..

6 thoughts on “Precious Time Fabric & Quilts – Toowoomba

  1. Helen M LeBrett says:

    I love your chevrons! So cheerful!! Post way ahead if you teach in the US again: I’d love to attend if it is close! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  2. Julie says:

    Wow, someone had a very pretty floral applique design happening with wonderful green patterned leaves and a orange coloured flower. Super nice work!!!!

  3. Sue H says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again next fall. Wonder what fantastic pattern you’ll dream up for us to do? Still working on my Mosaic and Clam Shells. They’ll be done by your next visit … or at least close? Ha!

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