Class Action and Pocketful of Posies

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For those of you who have done my classes in 2018 you will know what this quilt is all about.

Class Action – front of quilt – see the distinctive bands of colour?

I was teaching at Precious Time in Toowoomba in 2018 and the quilters there had some beautiful fabric – and of course I had fabric envy.  So how could I ask for a piece of fabric from them without sounding pathetic and whiny?  I came up with a brilliant idea – to make a quilt only using fabric from my students – and fabric that I don’t have – a tall order indeed!  When I mentioned the idea the quilters were very enthusiastic – at least that’s the way I saw it!  With only around 16 students in the class – plus of course Patrina’s (the owner of the shop) stash I came home with over a hundred pieces – 2 inch squares for a 1 inch hexagon quilt.  That was the start.  I asked the students for ideas for the name of the quilt.  Yes, they came up with many – one of which was “Held up at gunpoint” – quickly discarded – and the one I liked the best was CLASS ACTION – very appropriate.

I collected fabrics from all of my classes here in Australia and in the US.  I decided to piece the hexagons in strips, keeping the fabrics from the various places together.  When it was completed I was amazed to see the various bands of colours, perhaps showing how we buy fabric  – are we influenced by the shops around us, by the tutors that teach or by our quilting friends.  You can see that there are distinctive colour bands.

I wanted to thank (and honour) my students so wrote their names on the back of the quilt.  Forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone – if so please let me know and I’ll include your name.

Back of Class Action

You can see how I’ve bound it.  I used leftover hexagons sewn to the edge of the hexagons in the front – a really simple way of binding hexagon quilts if you don’t want to chop the hexagons.  There are lots of tutorials on-line.

I LOVE my quilt and you can imagine how much comfort I get when I wrap it around me.  So thanks to all my students in 2018.


POCKETFUL OF POSIES – my new 2019 Block of the Month

Pocketful of Posies
(measures approximately 46 inches x 46 inches)

My 2019 block of the month started on 15 March and we now have a Facebook page.  I will be posting a video over the weekend – once I’d had my nails done and convinced my daughter to act as photographer!  If you’re late ordering it you can still do so – click here.

I hope you get time in your busy schedule to slow down and do some hand sewing……