Gardenhurst Revisited

My taste in fabrics has slowly evolved over the years.  Once upon a time I loved using “country” fabrics – whatever that meant!  To me it involved lots of checks and a darker palette.  Then I switched to reproduction fabrics but eventually found that too limiting – particular as I LOVE green fabric but couldn’t get any green repro fabrics that I liked.  I slowly progressed to brighter fabrics and it seems that in recent times I have really developed a taste for bright and beautiful.

When I designed Gardenhurst I was in a darker fabric phase of my quilting life.  I loved the quilt then but as the years have progressed I often wondered what it would look like in brighter fabrics.  However, I don’t really want to do the whole quilt again.  So I was delighted when I received an email from Radka Little of Pleasure in Stitching.  She had finished making the quilt and used bright fabrics and wow – I really loved what she did.

Radka Little’s version of Gardenhurst

I will be teaching a block from this quilt next week (in fact!) at Baltimore on the Prairie.  So here was my chance at re-doing the block in brighter colours – and I think it looks pretty cute.  The pieces are  only glued onto the background for the time being.  I think I really like this new version of mine.  Will I do another quilt?  Not sure – I have so many quilts that I’m working on at the moment that I’m not sure I’ll live long enough!

The original version of the bird block
Here is the new version of the bird block

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