Class Action

I’ve always been “envious” of some of the lovely fabrics that I see quilters bringing to my workshops.  Of course, don’t we all have “fabric envy”?  Someone else’s fabric stash is always so much better than ours.

I was teaching at Precious Time in Toowoomba and was swooning over the gorgeous fabrics that the girls brought to the workshop.  So, how could I get my hands on some of the fabric without sounding desperate.  That’s when I hit on this fantastic idea.

I decided to make a quilt of my students fabrics – fabrics that I LOVE and fabrics that I don’t have in my own stash.  When I ran the idea with them, they were, understandably, a bit hesitant – wondering how much fabric I’d take.  I explained my reasoning (which sounded very fake to me anyway).  I had to decide how much to take.  At first I wasn’t sure how much I wanted and I confess I did take “largish” scraps.  I insisted that I would only take 5 from each of them so with a class of 12 (plus Patrina the owner of the shop) I should have had around 65 pieces.  I came home with more than 100!!

My first choice for pattern was an elongated hexagon joined with squares but I wasn’t happy with that.  I finally decided on a 1 inch hexagon quilt.

Since then I’ve had four more workshops at Avonleigh Country Quilting , Murray River Quilters and The Quilt Shop and here is the result of the fabrics that have been “shared” by my students – generous aren’t they?

Class Action. You can see the choices of fabric for different groups
This is all I need – my hexi purse to store my hexis, my needle holder, thread and scissors – and its all portable!

The girls at Precious Time also helped me with the name of the quilt.  The first choice was “Ripped Off” which sounded appropriate but we eventually came up with “Class Action” which really fit the theme of the quilt!

I have a great idea for the backing.  I will be writing the names of all the students in my workshops on cream fabric and fit that in with the backing fabric.  I can’t wait for the end of this year to complete my quilt.

So if you have booked into my class, please bring your most gorgeous pieces of fabric for my future quilt – I only need a 2 ½ in square!!!

See you at my workshops…..


    1. Hi Karen
      Good to hear from you. I’m hoping to get back to the UK next year – perhaps we can catch up then…

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