My favourite local quilt shop

I love working on new patterns – who doesn’t.  I was asked to come up with something small involving Birds!  Patch n Quilt is the shop that I will be running this private workshop at.  Of course, what better place to think, choose fabric, design and prep  – than the actual shop which has now become my “local” – less than half an hour drive.  So I spent an afternoon there in the gorgeous classroom with all my requirements including fabric – which I thought I’d brought enough of but of course I did make a “few” purchases – who could resist.

I’ve designed two bird patterns – one on a bag and one on a purse.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Patch n Quilt shop
Patch n Quilt shop – and my messy work space


  1. Sweet. Looking forward to seeing you in Houston. What a nice place to be and fairly close to home. Any news on your private class in Houston? Take good care Elaine

  2. Ooh, aah! Can’t wait to see them (you know how much I luuuurve a bird or two!!). And yes, it’s one of my fav shops too (‘cept it takes me about an hour to get there!)

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