JOY – the quilt

I’ve just finished working on JOY – my latest quilt.  I had seen a quilt on the Sturbridge Museum website and wanted to use it as inspiration.  Of course when I finished JOY it was nothing at all like the original quilt – but that happens all the time when I design.  What i start off with is never what I finish with!  I’m working on the pattern – my least favourite part with designing  – and it should be ready probably end of February/early March.

JOY - not the best photo
JOY – not the best photo

Now onto my next 2 quilts!!

13 thoughts on “JOY – the quilt

  1. barbara khan says:

    Irene: It’s beautiful. On my list of “want-to-make” after I finish two others from your book. I don’t work nearly as fast as you!

  2. Janette says:

    Hi Irene, Your design and choice of fabrics are spectacular. Another one for my bucket list!
    by the way, it was so very nice to have met you in Houston in October. I have my signed copy of your book that is a very special quilt book. Kind regards.

  3. Annie says:

    Irene – you have done it again! It is gorgeous. Love the combo of needleturn and patches. Think that is why I enjoyed Message in a Bottle so much. Another one to add to my wish list. Cheers,

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