JOY – the quilt

I’ve just finished working on JOY – my latest quilt.  I had seen a quilt on the Sturbridge Museum website and wanted to use it as inspiration.  Of course when I finished JOY it was nothing at all like the original quilt – but that happens all the time when I design.  What i start off with is never what I finish with!  I’m working on the pattern – my least favourite part with designing  – and it should be ready probably end of February/early March.

JOY - not the best photo
JOY – not the best photo

Now onto my next 2 quilts!!


  1. Irene: It’s beautiful. On my list of “want-to-make” after I finish two others from your book. I don’t work nearly as fast as you!

  2. Hi Irene, Your design and choice of fabrics are spectacular. Another one for my bucket list!
    by the way, it was so very nice to have met you in Houston in October. I have my signed copy of your book that is a very special quilt book. Kind regards.

  3. Irene – you have done it again! It is gorgeous. Love the combo of needleturn and patches. Think that is why I enjoyed Message in a Bottle so much. Another one to add to my wish list. Cheers,

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