Next stop – The Netherlands

I left Nantes early Sunday morning to catch two flights to Amsterdam, arriving late afternoon.  Karen and her husband Henk were there to meet me.  Karen owns Aztec Rose Crea  and has been buying patterns from me for a long time.  First stop was dinner at a beautiful hotel – a smorgasbord ….with my favourite – smoked salmon.  I LOVE smoked salmon and  I found it everywhere I went!  This time I stayed with Karen and Henk – and for a change had my very own huge bedroom – wonderful after the tiny closet we had in Nantes!

Monday was Kings Day (or Koningsdag) and everything was closed!  It was my first day off since I started the trip.  There were celebrations throughout the Netherlands – with outdoor markets and concerts.  Despite the freezing (for me) weather we went out to a market and concert – very enjoyable, trying foods that I hadn’t eaten before.


Kings Day Markets
Kings Day Markets
Flags waving on Kings Day - and concert
Flags waving on Kings Day – and concert

 From there we went to the Kinderdijk – the famous windmills of Holland and then a drive around to area to see old houses – some from the 1800s.

The house on the right was originally built in the 1800s
With Karen
With Karen

Tuesday was the start of the two day Auntie Green workshop.  On the first day we had a class full of enthusiastic quilters, all looking forward to start this huge quilt, one having prepped a lot of the quilt the night before.  It was great to see all the different fabrics chosen – such a wide variety of colours.  On the second day three women joined us for Message in a Bottle – and again – there was a variety of fabrics.  I love seeing how others interpret my quilts and how different they all look.

I got to meet Tilly, the international member of The Applique Guild of Australia.


I apologise for not taking any photos here – all I managed was one photo on the last day.

aztec 1

Henk very kindly offered to drive me the three hours to my next stop.  So thank you Henk!

My next stop was at De Frottende Freule in the village of Schildwolde.  I stayed at a lovely farmhouse bed and breakfast that night – and woke up to this breakfast!

Breakjfast for one?  You've got to be kidding!!
Breakfast for one? You’ve got to be kidding!!
The village of Schildwolde
The village of Schildwolde

Danielle, who helps Inge at the shop picked me up.  Inger has her shop in the front section of her home – such a beautiful shop.

shop 2

shop 1

The classroom was held in her lounge room – and there were 20 women in that room.  We had a fun day learning needleturn applique and using the centre block of Mosaics.  The next time I come here I’m going to spend more time – Inger assured me that she had as many women on the waiting list!


students 1

With Inge and Danielle
With Inger and Danielle

Once the class was over I had to leave for Schiphol Airport for my flight to Trondheim in Norway.

I so enjoyed my time in Holland – and I am definitely going to visit again next year and perhaps spend more time sightseeing.


  1. What a beautiful way to do a course – in a beautiful loungeroom and …… having you, Irene, as a teacher, Your classes are so beautiful.

  2. Dear Irene,

    It was so nice to have you here and it’s lovely to see all the photos of your whole trip to Europe here! The participants loved your workshop and had a wonderful day!!!! I am sure they’d love to see you again next year and so do Inger and I :-)! Thanks again!!

    Love, Danielle

    1. Hi Danielle
      I had such a good time at your shop and was sorry that I didn’t get to spend another day with you and Inger. I will definitely see you again next year and spend more time then.

  3. Hello Irene, it was really very nice to meet you and your lovely quilts.. I hope you have had great time in Norway, too.. Hugs , Ewa

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