We have some winners……..

My random number generator:

My son Aaron
My son Aaron

came up with the following 5 winners:

Sue Pascoe – shpascoe@bigpond.com

Sheila – soaten@icloud.com

Kerrie Peacock – xu15000@bigpond.net.au

Kelly – kelley@sunporchquilts.com

Audrey Wilson – audreycw123@gmail.com

and a special prize goes to:

Barb Mellon – how could I not send you a pattern with that surname?

So please send me an email with your addresses ladies and I’ll pop that pattern in the post.


  1. Hi Irene, thanks for the special mention and gift pattern,

    I am currently in Bali on a family holiday and don’t know if the emails will send

    My address is

    1 Snadden St
    Anula NT. 0812

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