My calendar for 2015

I’ve just completed my calendar for 2015.  Of course its early days so there may be further workshops added – so please check from time to time.

If you’d like me to teach in your area – with a quilting group, a shop, your guild – please contact me.

There’s one workshop that I haven’t listed on my calendar and it is….. (drum roll)…. a workshop that I will be doing in France.  I was very fortunate to have Quiltmania offer to do a book with my quilts.  In case you haven’t seen the latest Quiltmania magazine No. 104 – there is a terrific article on my quilts as a teaser for the book.

Excuse the extremely poor quality of the pic - I can't find my magazine to get a decent one!
Excuse the extremely poor quality of the pic – I can’t find my magazine to get a decent one!


I have been invited to teach a quilt – and I’ve chosen is one block from Mz Kelly.  So check out their website for more information.

Nantes, France
Nantes, France




  1. After meeting you at Treehouse Textiles one day I started following you on Instagram and you have posted pics of your amazing travels. Happy sewing, happy travels and happy 2015

  2. Hi Irene! Congratulations on your new book with Quiltmania, what an honour! and your busy teaching schedule! I will too, be visiting Nantes for the quilt show and I’ve signed up for your workshop so I’m looking forward to meeting you! xo

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