1. What a lovely giveaway!! And congratulations on your book deal, look forward to buying a copy when it is released!

  2. I just love the small melons framed by the larger melons. So much gorgeous colour and movement! Lets not forget all those wonderful Newspaper/word prints too.

  3. Love the name of this quilt Irene as I love a lemon, lime and bitters drink. That’s for the chance to win a pattern.

  4. Wowh, i am from belgium. Your quilts are splendid. I should like to win a pattern to show at all .y friends what a wonderful work you does
    Thanks for your blog

  5. Welcome home. Love your designs – this ones as fresh as my favorite summer drink of choice by a similar name – lemon, lime and bitters – cheers for another fantastic year ! Can’t wait to see the book

  6. Oh my, another beautiful pattern of yours to hopefully add to my collection! Wonderful article about you in Quiltmania! Thank you for the free giveaway!

  7. Lovely quilt Irene. Would love to win one I think you were trying to name this quilt on one of your trips to Bribbaree..Love Cynthia

  8. This pattern will make a beautiful scrappy quilt in batiks – which are my favorites. I am hoping to accomplish more this year! Thx Irene. So glad you enjoyed your trip to the US. We are now experiencing some wonderful Artic cold fronts in South Texas….Love the cold rather than the hot and humid. Nan

  9. What’s a réally lovely Gift for us… Your Quilt is so nice’ it’s lovely colours..
    I begunin a new year of patchwork (the fire) my english is not réally good but i progress in Patch And in english when i read pattern…
    Thank you for this giveway..And thank to the chance to win..
    Lovely new year for you ..2015 a new year with Patch…

  10. I would love to start 2015 making your Lemon Lime & bitters quilt.
    Can,t wait to buy your book in April.
    Thanks Irene for your inspiration.

  11. Very generous of you Irene and I do love an applique quilt. This one has so much potential for fabric play – beautiful!
    Very exciting to hear of your upcoming Quiltmania book- it will be wonderful – congratulations !
    Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

  12. Just discovered your delightful quilts. Now that retirement is hitting home a trip south for a workshop is in order I think. Or do you ever venture North to Brisbane?
    Thank you for sharing your photos, Irene.
    All the best for 2015

  13. Looking forward to our book release to add to my quiltmania collection. I would love to win your pattern to also add to my collection thanks jenni

  14. Love, love, love your melon, lime and bitters pattern. I adore all the patterns you do and love to do applique. Hope to win!

  15. Love your patterns and would be happy to win this. I am working on your Floral beauty. It has been in a box for a while, but think I have to prepp some more blocks for it now. I love doing needleturn and love your patterns.

  16. Hi Irene, Would love to win this pattern as it would be a great stash buster. I have yet to do a quilt with curves so would be learning something new too!


    Karen S

  17. Hi Irene

    Have looked everywhere for this pattern, then they told me at Sew Irresistible, Temora, that it hadn’t been released as yet. I find it so fascinating the way you have rotated the centre melon blocks 90 degrees and reversed the script/colour fabric to give the quilt a whole new dimension. The outer larger melons are circles and the inner block is more of a diamond with orange peel petals. Maybe it is just the way i am looking at it! Love it to bits. Hope 2015 is a great year for you Irene.

  18. You created such a lot of beautiful patterns – I would really love to win this one. Also I would love to know, where in Europe I can buy your patterns – once, I saw one with beutiful leaves; Ithink, it was from you!

  19. I LOVE your designs!!! came across your quilt in the QuiltMania magazine…you are sooo talented!! yes, please enter me into your contest for the Beautiful pattern–Thank You–keep CREATING 🙂

  20. What a beautiful quilt. Wondering what to do with my newsprint fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway patter…most of all thank you for a beautiful design that can be easy to finish!!

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