Houston Quilt Festival 2014

Market moved very smoothly into Festival with the mood changing – market was quite “sedate” whereas festival was noisy with a buzz in the air and there was definitely a fabric frenzied feeling  with quilters arriving from around the world – sitting on the shuttle bus listening to all the different languages made me realise how huge this is.  And of course we had a whole new group of Aussies come into town.  And that’s when the partying started!

But what’s said/done in Houston stays in Houston – thanks Linda!

So day one….

Day one - Randi, best roomie I could ask for!!
Day one – Randi, best roomie I could ask for!!

One of the highlights of festival was attending a talk by the Three Aussies – Carolyn Konig, Di Ford-Hall and Michelle Yeo.  Well done by all three – they all gave a terrific talk with Michelle Yeo starting off with a brief history of Australian quilting.

The 3 tenors - whoops 3 Aussies
The 3 tenors – whoops 3 Aussies
I took photos of very few quilts - there were just too many
I took photos of very few quilts – there were just too many

I organised a dinner at the Grove one night and there were 12 Aussies, one Norwegian, one Brit and two Americans.

aussie dinner pc

Randi and I on a walk in the park

Flying high.........
Flying high………
Catching up with the stars!
Catching up with the stars!

Linda Collins of Quilts in the Barn organised another dinner at the Reef

The "American" dinner
The “American” dinner

Joe and Mary Koval with Mary’s new fabric collection and the absolutely stunning palampore.

joe mary koval pc

(photo joe and Mary koval)

And of course all good things must come to an end.  I was a tad sad to see everyone leave and go back home while I was still continuing on my US “sabbatical”.

bye bye houston pc

I was still on holiday from my day job so stay tuned for the next leg of this journey……….


  1. Wasn’t it just the best time in Houston. I’m so pleased to have meet and spent time with you.
    Looking forward to buying your book in Nantes next April and perhaps you might even autograph it for me. Lol

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