One more post before I leave

Yes…. my bags are packed and ready.  I leave on Wednesday 17th for Charlottesville – can’t wait.  I’m hoping to have lots of time  to blog.  I will continue working at my day job and hope to travel over the weekends.  I will also be in Houston – so if any of you are there please let me know and perhaps we can catch up.

In the meantime, for the last month I’ve been “in exile” at home – more because I had the care of my mother full time.  But that hasn’t been such a bad thing.  I share the care of my mother with my sister who lives in a unit at the back of my place.  She went away on holidays for a month, so…. I brought out the sewing machine onto the dining table/family room and left it there for the whole month – yeah!!!  I was able to watch TV and sew without having to clear up every night.  Bliss!

As you would have seen from my previous post, I’m resting my brain at the moment and doing lots of machine sewing.  Here are my latest finished projects.

postage stamp 1

I’ve always wanted to do a postage stamp quilt. I used a variety of charm squares – Wishes by Sweetwater, Social Club by Comstocks, Happy-go-Lucky and April Showers by Bonnie and camille and Bee my Honey by mary Jane.  The quilt is basted – thanks Mary – and ready for hand sewing….. soon…..

postage pillow 2 pic

So what does one do with the left overs? Sew a pillow of course.

I loved the brightness of the fabric and decided to do something quick – combined with my love for hexis – and here it is.

hexa pillow pic

hexa pillow 2 pic


Here is my hexi pillow again with my basket of sewing.  I LOVE making zipped bags for my projects – they look so pretty………..

My next project was a Kaleidoscope quilt.  I did one many years ago using Civil War fabrics.  This time I wanted to go bright – so I raided my stash and spent a whole week choosing fabric, playing with colours and cutting.  Of course I can’t go past a good script fabric.  I thought I’d used them all up for Message in a Bottle but I hadn’t!  And there are so many new wonderful prints coming out that I just can’t resist them.  My fabric stash is growing and growing and growing…..

I did this quilt using foundation papers – and loved every minute of it!

kaleidoscope start pic

The start of something new and wonderful!

kaleidoscope close up pic

A close-up of part of the completed quilt.

Kaleidoscope quilt pic


My kaleidoscope quilt – I LOVE IT!!  I intend hand quilting it some day….

And again, here is my Liberty bag.  I left it with Mary at Patch n Quilt and there have been many requests for patterns.  Yes, I know Mary….. I’ll get onto it soon – I promise.

liberty bag pic

My next post will be from Charlottesville – yeah!!!

Till then….enjoy your sewing… and see you in Houston.


    1. Hi Kelly
      Charlottesville in Virginia. I go there every year to visit friends and know some quilters there – so I won’t be lonely!!

      1. You are almost next door! I am near Annapolis, MD. Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather. Wish I could see you in Houston, but my friend Alice will be there. I told her to say hi!

  1. Beautiful projects – very inspirational! Amazing how much you get done when you don’t have to pack up after each session isn’t it – wow!
    Have a fun time away:)

  2. I love the brights, your quilts look magnificent. Your fingers have been very busy. Travel safely, have lots of fun. Love Anne

  3. Your Postage Stamp and Kaleidoscope quilts are beautiful Irene, also love the hexies. Have a great trip and travel safe.Enjoy Love Cynthia

  4. Wow, you amaze me. I am still plodding away at ‘Message’ and you have done three more projects!! Have a wonderful time away, you deserve it. Your head will be spinning with all the new ideas that you are going to see & experience. Can’t wait for the outcomes of projects and patterns when you get back.


  5. I love your kaleidoscope quilt with all the print backgrounds: what a wonderful idea!! Now I need to buy more text prints!! 🙂 Hugs, H in Healdsburg

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