Treehouse Textiles new shop

I drove all the way to Mornington today to attend Treehouse Textiles open day – and I’m so glad I did – wouldn’t have missed it!!  2 friends were supposed to come with me but they both were unable to but that didn’t stop me from going.

The shop is just gorgeous – as is to be expected.  I think the photos speak for themselves.

food TreehouseTextiles 1 TreehouseTextiles 2 TreehouseTextiles 3 TreehouseTextiles 4 TreehouseTextiles 5 TreehouseTextiles 6 TreehouseTextiles 7 TreehouseTextiles 8 TreehouseTextiles 9

So if you get a chance, pop in and say hi to Emma and Sarah. Its at 2B Empire Street, Mornington.  They will still be running some larger workshops in Merricks North as well as some classes here at the shop.


  1. Hi Irene, was in Mornington yesterday for a brief visit & came upon the shop, just had a couple of mins., to browse and yes a lovely shop. Saw your pattern ” Message in a bottle” might be on the to do list, still have one of your bom’s to finish. It would look lovely in their fabrics.

    1. Hi Lesley – its definitely is such a lovely shop. And yes, i do love their fabrics – i’m slowly creeping into those fabrics and starting to use a few in my newer quilts!

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