Launch Day

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Two new quilt patterns were launched on Saturday 7 June 2014 at Patch n Quilt in Gisborne.

Melon Lime & Bitters
Melon Lime & Bitters
Miz Kelly - names after the (in)famous Mary Kelly
Miz Kelly – names after the (in)famous Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly went all out and set out a gorgeous display of my two new quilts as well as some of my other quilts – so it was a sort-of Irene mini exhibition. That and  the yummy nibbles and we had a fabulous day.  Sandwiches, zucchini slices,  savoury and sweet tarts, a variety of choc truffles and of course the AMAZING meringues.  I’m just sorry I didn’t get any photos of all the yummy food.  Here are a few photos of the quilts displayed.  And thanks too to James from Gisborne Flower Shoppe for his beautiful display of flowers as well as accessories.

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It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and to make new ones!  So thank you to everyone who supported me.

As always working with Mary is a treat…….

So thank you Mary! And Brendan!

A couple of pieces I’m working on:

The first is a tester goose track block.  It took me a while to find the name for this block.  I then asked my friend Ruth to work it out for me on EQ7 which she did so beautifully. The story goes that I did do a lesson on EQ7 with Ruth a couple of months ago but because I came home and didn’t do any homework I promptly forgot how to use it!!  That’s what happens as you grow older – and no one told me about that!! I wanted to name the quilt as a thank you to Ruth and we decided on ZELDA (the wonder dog) – Ruth’s beautiful dog. Prototype No. 1 was machine pieced but that didn’t work out because the pieces are too small and fiddly.  So I decided to hand piece it.  The next prototype was a dismal failure as the block didn’t measure out to the correct dimensions – obviously I cut the pieces too small.  Prototype No. 3 was successful – yeah.  So that’s the way I’ll be piecing them.

Testing out a goose tracks as part of my next quilt - Zelda
Testing out a goose tracks as part of my next quilt – Zelda
Liberty hexagons for hexa bag
Liberty hexagons for hexa bag

Next weekend is The Applique Guild of Australia weekend at Mirambeena Community Centre, 19 Martha Mews, Lavington. For more details check out the calendar here.

Talk soon………