Blackwork – Embroidery

Veronica came into Patch n Quilt when i was teaching there on Saturday to show Mary her blackwork embroidery.  So glad that Mary brought it into the classroom to show us.  The photos that I took did not do it justice.

It is her own design that she has been working on for two years.  She wanted to replicate a drunkard’s path patchwork quilt.  So, each  half of a square has its partner elsewhere in the piece.  And she changed the direction of each block so it wouldn’t be too uniform.  The stitching is incredible – there is so much to see, from the tiny circles to the filled in stitches.  If you can enlarge the photo please do so and see the magnificent work.

Veronica with her blackwork embroidery
Veronica with her blackwork embroidery
A close-up of the blackwork.
A close-up of the blackwork.


  1. Thanks for sharing this work on your website Irene. I first learnt Spanish Blackwork at high school many years ago and have enjoyed small projects since. Can you tell me if this one was done on square patches and then joined, or was it one piece of fabric.? Also, what was the fabric used? I have only ever used Aida.

    Annie g

    1. Hi Annie
      It was one large piece of cloth – not small squares. I think she used Aida – but not sure – I’ll ask her and get back to you.


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