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Well…… we all have these lapses don’t we?  Where we are so sure that we will make regular blog posts and then life gets in the way.  I had a great excuse there for a while – my website was down for a couple of weeks.

Anyway its been fixed but there are still a few glitches that we are trying to work out – particularly my list of stockists which grows from week to week – which of course is fantastic for me.  I now have shops in the US, Europe, England and of course Australia.  I also have customers all over the world – which makes me very very happy!

I’ve also started Instagram and am having so much fun with it – its very addictive – thanks Mary!!  A few girls on Instagram have started doing Auntie Green’s Garden and it is so much fun seeing how each of them are progressing and the very different backgrounds they are using.  It has also kept me up to date on quilt market in Pittsburg, in touch with the latest trends in fabric and all the latest designs from some fabulous designers, with the Australians being way up there – yeah!!!  It makes me very itchy to get something going – so perhaps next year…… I’ll be at Houston this year just to see how things work and who knows what the future holds for me.

So where have I been?

In early April I was very fortunate to be asked to teach for the Quilting Guild of South Australia.

What can I say about my SA adventure?  Lots, of course.

As it was a two day class teaching Message in a Bottle, they asked if I’d come a day earlier and do my trunk show at their monthly meeting on a Thursday night.  Despite the 3 hour flight delay from Melbourne, once I arrived in Adelaide I was well looked after, which more than made up for the inconvenience of the delay.  Of course, everything had to be “sped up” in order to get me to the meeting on Thursday night.

When I was asked to give the trunk show to the Guild I expected between 30 to 50 women – as is the case most everywhere else I’ve been.  When I got there I was asked if I get nervous before a talk and reassured them that I was fine as I had become used to giving talks.  Little did I realise how many would turn up.  So I’m sitting there quietly minding my own business, and soon see the room filling up, and filling up and filling up – and my heart is starting to pound ever so slightly, then a bit more …..  Well, there were around 206 quilters attending that night!!!  My biggest ever audience.  To say I was a tad nervous would be an understatement.  However, once I got talking, I quickly relaxed – and of course its great when you know that your quilts will speak for themselves!  It is such an honour to be asked to share my quilts and I am always amazed that quilters actually love my patterns enough to want to do them.  I was mighty impressed by the turn-out that night and how much the quilting community in South Australia support their Guild.

I then spent the next two days doing the Message in a Bottle workshop.  And I have to say – I had the BEST time that I’ve had in a looooooooong time!

I met up with new quilters and caught up with old friends.   From the “Claires” (I’ve encompassed both spellings in this) who were our hostesses with the mostest to the girls doing my class – everyone was warm and welcoming.  The hostesses made sure that we were fed and watered at appropriate times, though sometimes they had to be stern with us (and you know which Claire (?) you are).  Everyone brought a plate that was shared and there certainly was some yummy food.  We covered a lot in the class including techniques that did not relate to the class – but the girls wanted to learn other techniques and I was happy to comply.

Apart from learning and spending a happy two days with friends, we had a LOT of fun as well.  Those are the workshops that for me end all too quickly.  I left feeling a little sad at having to say goodbye, but I know that I’ll be back soon – even if its just for a visit.  I have made many friends there that I’d like to see again.

My fabulous Message in a Bottle class in South Australia
My fabulous Message in a Bottle class in South Australia
Show and Tell brought in from previous workshops
Show and Tell brought in from previous workshops
Working hard? I wonder..........
Working hard? I wonder……….
What women bring to classes - its always a delight to see all their "bits and pieces"
What women bring to classes – its always a delight to see all their “bits and pieces”

So thank you to Shirley A for organising me, for her and Gay for driving me back and forth, to the “Claires” for being such fabulous hostesses and for everyone else for making me feel so warm and welcoming.


  1. Irene your trunk show in Adelaide was fabulous, I found myself hanging on your every word . I am dissappointed that i was not able to do your class, life just gets in the way of quilting sometimes, maybe next time.

    1. Hi Sheila

      Thank you for your comments. As you would have read I was a tad nervous to start off with – seeing this enormous sea of faces………. Maybe the next time I come to SA you will be at one of my classes – I most definitely intend to come again.


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