1. Okay…put your hands in the air! Who has to make Green Acres? Me! My hand is waving in the air 🙂
    Thank you Irene. I love it! (And I was just starting the hexies for “Mosaics”. Too many quilts and so little time.)

  2. It was lovely to meet you & put a face to your blog & patterns. Thank you for signing my copy of the beautiful Greenacres pattern I purchased from you.

    1. Hi Jenny
      I had such a good time at AQC finally getting to meet some of the wonderful quilters who buy my patterns. I’ve never done that before and realize how much I’ve missed out! I’ll definitely be doing it again next time.


  3. Bonsoir, je suis vraiment émerveillée de vos ouvrages, je suis française, je réside en France, je voulais vous demander si vous vendiez vos patrons de vos ouvrages ou si vous avez éditez un livre avec les explications.
    Si oui comment je peux me les procurer.
    Merci par avance et encore un grand bravo à vous.
    Heureusement que vous avez votre site, je m’y très, très souvent.

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