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I LOVE tins – all sorts of tins……… small ones………large ones……..square….round……. but the tins that score the most points for me are the HINGED tins.

I wait for the sales after Christmas where you can snag the BEST biscuits tins.  Of course the biscuits are usually stale but who cares – I’m not buying them for biscuits. 

I used to look for the most attractive tins until I discovered that I could actually cover them myself.  So of course, I’ve gone a bit crazy – slightly – and started out with these two.  I buy scrapbooking paper, cut it to size and glue it down with any tacky glue.  I use Elmer’s clear glue which seems to work the best for me.

The large one (which was a Dilmah tea tin) is going to be my new hexagon tin and the little one (formerly a chocolate tin) is the one I’ll use when I travel to hold my sewing needs.


My new hexagon tin
My travelling sewing tin

I know there are a lot of you out there just like me – and you know who you are!