Weekends away…………

As usually I’ve been busy busy busy – both with meditation and quilting. 

I spent the weekend of 12-13 October facilitating a meditation weekend at Clandulla.  Where’s that you say?  Well, I wish I’d asked more questions on where it actually was to prepare myself for the travel.  I thought it was in the Blue Mountains, only because I met Chris, my host, at a workshop I did in the Blue Mountains.  Well… I did have to catch the train to the Blue Mountains, but then had another 2 hour drive to the farm where the workshop was held.  The workshop was great and a lot of fun as well.  My return journey from there to home in Melbourne was “challenging” to say the least.  I left Clandulla at 1pm and arrived at Sydney Airport at 5:30pm – there were no trains from Central to Domestic so had to catch a bus. Sydney Airport was in total chaos because 12 flights had to be cancelled due to strong winds.  Of course, my flight was one of them.  However, I was bumped up to an earlier flight, which of course left later than my original flight eventually getting home at 9:30pm.  As I said, “challenging”!


View from the farmhouse at Clandulla
Another view from the farmhouse
Bianca - or Binki - the wonderdog and guard dog. She joined us in meditation and was the best participant! See how relaxed she is after meditation?

Last weekend the travel was a whole lot easier.  I was invited to teach at Patchwork on Parker in Cootamundra.  The flight with REX was uneventful, the lovely Sonia picked me up from Wagga airport and drove me to Cootamundra.  Friday was spent just chillin’ out.  I don’t get much of a chance to chill out at home – always busy running around – so it was very soothing to just sit up in bed, watch “crappy” TV and sew…….sew……sew.


The view from my room

Saturday morning, bright and early at the shop – and 16 lovely quilters started arriving – very enthusiastic and early.  I always get a buzz from knowing that woman actually enjoy making my quilts.  Tulipa was the quilt chosen for this class.  Of course we had a wonderful day, lots of laughter, sewing and FUN!  What better way to spend a weekend.


Dianne and Kate
Julie (who works in the shop), Darlene, Bev, Debbie and Dianne
Rhonda and Kate
Robyn, Jane, Darlene Leigh (and me, of course)
Bev, Janelle and me (i know it looks like I didn't move - all the photos were taken towards the end of the workshop!
Sonia (my host and owner of Patchwork on Parker) and Darlene

I meant to take lots of photos but of course I was having too much fun.  Thanks Janelle for helping me here.  My apologies to those girls whose photo we missed.  And a big thank you to Sonia for organising the whole trip!  We’ve made plans for me to return in August 2013 – and I KNOW that you girls will all have Tulipa completed!

I’m working on trying to complete a couple of quilts by December.  My crib quilt Greenacres is done and I’m now working on the pattern.  I’m also in the process of finishing a quilt made up of melon blocks – or orange peel blocks.  Trying to name quilts is tough for me, but my Cootamundra friends – thanks Anne and Janelle – came up with a fantastic name – a play on words – Melon Lime and Bitters.  So those two quilt patterns should be up and ready soon.  I also have 3 more quilts prepped – now I just have to find more hours in my day to complete them.

I’m off to Bribbaree in a couple of weeks time.  How fortunate I am to have Anne West organise this for me.  She is the driving force behind most quilty events in that area.  She’s managed to “round up” around 30 quilters for a weekend of fun. fantastic food (including a delicious champagne lunch) and sewing.  There will also be an exhibition of quilts made by “her girls” and any completed clamshell quilts from my previous class.  I can’t wait!

Here’s a question ….. how do you like your quilt patterns packaged?  I’m looking at different ways of doing this effectively but the jury is still out…..


3 thoughts on “Weekends away…………

  1. Marybeth C says:

    I have received patterns that are packaged in folders….it makes it easy to keep it without dealing with the plastic bag thing….

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