Quilts in the Barn, September 2013

I’ve just got home from spending two days helping out at Quilts in the Barn.  And I am so glad that I did.  I got to hang out with some fabulous women and spent two nights laughing until my sides ached.  Got to hang out with Leonie (from The Quilted Crows), Margaret and Jennifer (my two sidekicks!), Mary and Joe Koval and of course our fabulous hosts, Linda and Paul.  Lots of fun, lots of eating, drinking and definitely lots of laughter.

I’m getting quite envious about the trip to Houston that was being planned and discussed –  who knew it would sound like so much fun.  But perhaps next year I’ll be able to join “them” when I’m in the US.  I have a plan…………

I caught up with many quilting friends from around Victoria– too many to name – it was wonderful to spend time chatting. 

Linda does a great job in organising and hosting this event every year with all proceeds going  to breast cancer research.

Here are some pics from today

Doing my stint at the front desk - with Jill. The stunning raffle quilt is on my right.
With my new BF, Leonie. See that absolutely gorgeous antique quilt in the background? Love it! The Quilted Crows are offering it as a BOM.
With another of my BF, Kim. I always love it when we catch up!


Linda behind the camera!
Some of the Sunday helpers - with Sam at the extreme right who helped out everyday and did a great job!
With Jennifer and Mary Koval.

Till next time………

3 thoughts on “Quilts in the Barn, September 2013

  1. Carole says:

    Thanks to Linda and all the volunteers like you it was a great exhibition. I think I know why you like the Quilted Crows antique quilt – because of all the birds?

    • Irene says:

      How did you know? Yes, yes, yes!! Love the birds as well as the green used – its my kinda green. Jennifer and Margaret saw this quilt in Houston last year and took photos of it but only showed me tiny bits of it so I was very pleased to see that Leonie and Deirdre had bought it from Mary Koval.

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