SA Quilt encounter

I’ve just come home from being a “tutor” at the SA Quilt Encounter.  I taught there two years ago and was invited again this year. 

Kerryn Brand and her committee did a fantastic job – this being their first year, taking over from the previous committee who ran it successfully for 20 years.  It must have been a daunting task taking over from such a dedicated and experienced  committee, but they rose to the occasion and, as far as we were concerned, everything ran smoothly.  I have no doubt that there were a few hiccups behind the scenes but you wouldn’t have known it.  We were very well looked after and I didn’t hear any complaints or even any niggles! 

I got to share a house with a great bunch of tutors, Jacqui Karl and Juliet Fitness from New Zealand and Pam Furniss, Katrina Hadjimichael and Amanda Daly from New South Wales.  It was such a honour to get to spend time with these extremely talented women – happy hour was something we all looked forward to – relaxing with wine and nibblies – though I don’t know why we needed the nibblies as we were so well catered for – lots of food – breakfast, lunch and dinner with morning and afternoon tea as well. 


Happy Hour with Amanda Daly, Jacqui Karl, Pam Furniss, Katrina Hadjimichael and Juliet Fitness
I get to squeeze in with my gorgeous friends!

And I caught up with many friends again, quilters who had done classes with me before.  Isn’t the quilting fraternity wonderful?  Not only do we all produce beautiful work but we form strong friendships and even if we don’t see each other often, when we do catch up its like we’ve known each other forever!

This year I taught Mosaics and Clamshells.  There was lots and lots of laughter as well as many techniques learnt.

The Mosaics Class
the girls chillin' out and some working hard!

The Clamshell Class:

Anita brought in her hexagon quilt which she’d made a looooong time ago using fabric from clothes she made for herself and her family.  And Jenny brought in her version of Fleurescence that she did in a class with me in 2011.

The other great thing about these workshops is the networking that goes on behind the scenes.  From this workshop alone, I’ve been approached by at least three different groups to come teach for them – and I love it!  So 2014 is going to be another busy teaching year for me but I know its going to be a lots of fun as well.  

I’m back home, lots to catch up on – all the boring stuff like laundry, cleaning, cooking and the day job (which I shouldn’t complain about as it pays the bills!).  But I also have time now to complete my next two projects – working title Abundance (of leaves!), and  my crib quilt, Minerva.  And I get to start on a couple of new projects.

Till we meet again………..



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