Its been a while……………….

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So where does the time go?  They say that as you get older time flies, but this is ridiculous.  Its already February and soon it will be Christmas – well……… sometime soon.

I had a great workshop at Yangery Cottage Quilts over the last weekend – for those that don’t know Yangery is just outside of Warrnambool.  10 eager and enthusiastic women attended.  And what a fun class that was.  We were doing Confetti – which is full of hexagons and I’m sure everyone knows that  I LOVE hexagons.  I’ve been doing them for so long that I’ve devised lots of little shortcuts – which were shared with and welcomed by the group. 

Its always fun when I have a group where we can bounce off each other – the teaching becomes a pleasure and I don’t feel like I’ve been working at all.  This was one such group.  Of course we had a couple who wouldn’t shut up – and they know who they are!  Criss was our very gracious host and despite not actually doing the class, she did hang around and help out and, I hope, learnt new methods as well.  The room is large and bright and it’s a joy working there – well, actually “playing” there. 

For those that know me, know that I DON’T have any purple in my stash – I don’t know why I have this thing against purple – I do wear purple clothes very very occasionally but I just can’t bring myself to use purple fabric in my quilts.  Of course, Betty who loves all things purple found her way next to me– but I managed to contain myself and smiled and complimented her on her choice of fabric!  

Anne and Sharon (x2)
Betty and Julie / Catherine


Glenda / Juli behind the counter where she spent most of the weekend - thanks Juli
Michelle / Pam - at a loss for words


The Class (BTW that's Mosaics in the background)

I recently received a photo of my Floral Beauty done by Carolyn Maxwell.  I love the fabrics she’s used – really quirky stuff and look at that binding – just gorgeous. 


What a beauty - thanks Carolyn!

I’ve also just completed my Message in a Bottle and its all ready to be sent to one of my quilters – I like to spread my machine quilting around.  It will be read as a pattern at the end of March.  The quilt is made up of about 26 blocks and when writing the pattern I had to ask myself “why do you do it?”  because it looks soooo lovely. 


Message in a Bottle (sorry about the photo - doesn't show the colours well)

Till next time…………….