Summer School – yeah!!!

I taught at my first summer school!!!  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long long long time.  A few months ago I read Karen’s blog where she mentioned summer school and thought “I’d love to do that”.  The next week Karen called and started talking about summer school and was in the process of asking if I’d like to teach – I was silently saying “yes…yes…yes….yes…!” before she finished her question.

So rocked up bright and early on Saturday morning at Somerset– and had a fantastic weekend with 6 like minded wonderful quilters.

Jane came all the way from Brisbane just to do my class.......... well......... let's say the tennis was on as well!!

The company was great, the food was yummy and the sewing was ……….. well……. I don’t even have to explain to you all just how wonderful it is to be able to sit and sew for two whole days with all meals prepared and nothing else to think about.

We invented a couple of new phrases – “Kim tacking” and “asparagus cake”.  The lovely Kim is such a beautiful sewer and all her stitches are soooo tiny – so small stitch tacking now has a new name.  Sue had baked a delicious rhubarb cake.  As I cut into it and took a bite I knew it was rhubarb but had a CRAFT moment and couldn’t think of the name – all that came to mind was “asparagus” and I knew if I said it I’d be in trouble but couldn’t help myself.  So if anyone is interested in asparagus cake, please ask Sue Ambrose!

Don't you just love Kim's shirt?

Sue – well……. Sue started cutting out all her bits and pieces on Saturday, went home and that night decided that she didn’t like what she’d done and redid the whole thing.  I know I set them homework but this was a tad ridiculous.

Sue and Meredith - working?

I’ve seen Meredith around for a long time now and it was great to have her in my class and what fun she was!   She worked hard on her homework Saturday night – now that’s dedication for you.  You can check her blog post on this workshop here.

Anita – well you have to sew with her to see how organised she is – COD…..OCD… you get it.  And we did miss Anne Marie on Sunday but enjoyed her company on Saturday.

Meredith, Anita and Karen who joined us for a sit and sew on Sunday.

I am always delighted to see the many different colour combinations quilters chose to make my quilts, sometimes colours that I wouldn’t chose but when someone else does it I can see how beautiful it all looks.

So……… the challenge is on – which one of you will finish first?  We meet again in 2 months time, so if anyone wants to join us let Karen know and we’ll have a sit and sew day soon.



  1. Hey, you all look like you’re having a wonderful time. Jenn and I were thnking of you working hard as we lunched and coffee’d in Kyneton on Saturday afternoon :-))

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