The pressure is on – thanks Ruth!

I’ve been away on my other business – running meditation workshops and had a wonderful week in Byron Bay with 10 high “energy” people ranging in age from 35 to 85!  I came home exhausted and have been trying to catch up on my sleep ever since.

On Saturday 8 December I attended the Castlemaine Applique Group.  I popped into a newsagents in Castlemaine to buy the latest Homespun to check out my fabulous webperson’s quilt featured in that magazine.  If you don’t have a copy do yourself a favour (as they say) and check out Jennifer Murray’s quilt – its beautiful and the piece done on her is pretty good too! Thanks Jenn!  I bought a few other magazines and was delighted to find that there was another quilt in Quiltmania made by another good friend, Margaret Mew.  So again, go out, buy a copy and have a look!

Sunday 9 December saw me at Ballan at the beautiful Mill Rose Cottage teaching clamshells.  I don’t really have a pattern for this but have been teaching it the way that we have all been doing it at my local guild – Essendon Quilters.  It’s a fun, easy way to do it – no papers, no grids, no lines, no stabilising fabric – just fun and stress-free.  11 women rocked up and we had a great day.  One of the nicest things about doing the workshop at Mill Rose is that we get lunch at the café next door and for afternoon tea we have the BEST vanilla slices – this time decorated with three red roses (from the garden) dusted with icing sugar  – simply delightful!  Sorry no photos – we couldn’t wait to eat our vanilla slices.

Whilst there I asked if I could take photos for my blog – only to be told by Ruth “yes it’s about time you updated your blog!!”

Here are some photos:

The girls working hard - I think!
Cheryl, Cheryn and Ruth

There is of course a story about Cheryl and Cheryn – cousins – both mothers loved the name Cheryl, but Cheryl was born first so her mother snagged that name and Cheryn’s mother came out second-best and decided to be inventive – and just changed the last letter – and what a lovely name it is too!

Lynne Lyn Melissa Kerri Gurli
Lyn Melissa Kerri
Debbie chose a pack of Japanese fabric and is making a wedding gift for a friend - lucky friend!
Cheryn - assessing her fabrics!
OK Ruth - here's one for you!

Lyn popped in for a quick lesson and brought in her completed Botanika.  Isn’t is just lovely?

Lynne with her Botanika; Lyn's Botanika

Lynne also brought in her version – completely different colour pallet and just as lovely.  It always gives me great joy to see so many different versions of my quilts – with fabrics that either I’d never think to use or fabrics that I wouldn’t think would go well together – they always do.  There is a lesson there I think – and that is not to stress out and procrastinate about fabric – in the end it all looks beautiful.

I’m so glad that December is here.  I don’t worry about Christmas too much – everything gets taken care of anyway without worrying.  For me the best part is that I get some time off to indulge in sewing – DURING THE DAY!  I have two completed quilts, Timeless (formerly known as Mimosa) and Tulipa  that just need to be quilted, and I will be completing Message in a Bottle – just waiting on fabric from Mary Kelly of Patch N Quilt (hurry up Mary!) and then writing the patterns (not my favourite job).  And I have another 3 quilts on paper that I want to start working on.  I’m hoping of course to get all these things done and not party too much.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with other quilting friends – particularly going down to Clifton Springs to hang out with Jill and her Fat Quarter quilting group – always a fun day filled with good food, good conversation, great friends and a lot of sewing.

Hope your Christmas is a joyful one filled with celebration – good food, good company and great pressies.


  1. I can’t wait to see your new quilts completed and chase up your patterns. I don’t think you sleep much as you seem to churn out so many must do quilts. I love your blog and seeing what your students do with your patterns. Everyone is so creative.
    Merry Christmas and a creative New year

    1. Hi Debbie

      You know the saying – if you want something done give it to a busy person! I sew every day – at least for an hour. Otherwise i get withdrawal symptoms 🙂 Sometimes though I get so excited when I’ve drafted a pattern and want to put it down on fabric right away – and so I have about 3 patterns in the process of being completed. Perhaps that’s why it seems that i have so many for release! Timeless will be completed soon and another two will be in March.

      thank you for your lovely comments.


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