Catch up Tuesday……….

Last week was a big quilty week for me!

First of all, my quilting group.  We call ourselves the MSGs because we were originally the Monday Sewing Group, obviously meeting on Monday.  However over the years we have moved to a Wednesday, but have left the name.  It sounds kinda catchy!  We meet three Wednesdays of the months (sometimes four) come rain, hail or shine.

Last Wednesday we were celebrating a couple of birthdays and met at Glenda’s.  Fortunately I had my camera with me so was able to get some really nice photos of the group.

Maureen (the birthday girl), Jess, Maureen M, Dianne
Glenda, Carmel, Robina and Dianne, Lorraine (the other birthday girl), Glenda

Then on Saturday I had a class at Patch N Quilt.  I always love going there because of Mary.  Now what can I say about Mary?  You have to visit the shop for that.  Suffice to say that we spend a loooooong time after the class catching up on news.  Its always great fun teaching there.  Sorry no photos – sometimes I just don’t think about that.

On Sunday I met up with some MSGs and friends from Essendon Quilters, friends that we don’t get to meet as they mostly go to the day meetings and I go to the night meetings.  Mill Rose Cottage is a beautiful shop and if you are ever in Ballan, don’t miss it.  Morning and afternoon tea from the café next door and a delicious lunch next door as well.  The best part is that we have all day to decide what fabric we so desperately need for our stash!

Jennifer/Libby shopping of course/Maureen and Carmel deep in conversation
Carmel and Jess / Joy and Jill
Lorraine and Carmel relaxing and chatting!

Now here is a quilt that I’ve had on my blog before but for some reason I took it off.  I am so proud of this quilt.  I made it for Vic Quilters Challenge in 2011 and loved every minute making it.  It is my version of Auntie Green’s Coverlet.

Auntie Green's Garden

And last, but not least, my webperson – Jennifer – is back from the US and its time that she started working again.  So we’ve updated my calendar.  Its quickly filling up and I’m so very excited about this.  I just finished talking to my friend Anne West who lives in Bribbaree – which she tells me is a “little village” just out of Young in NSW.  She’s invited me to teach up there in February, and we finalised all the arrangements over the weekend.  So if you are in that part of the country come visit.  I will do a mini-trunk show and have a one day class doing my Clamshell quilt.

I think I’ve caught up with all my quilty news – oh yes, one more …….. I have just about finished doing Tulipa – and here’s a little taste of it:




  1. oh tulips and nine patches you have my attention!!!!
    looks beautiful.
    fun to see pictures of other bloggers in your post! LOL
    Auntie’s Green Garden is just AMAZING it is a quilt I have drooled over many times , the page is worn in the book from me just staring at it and turning to it many times. You really outdid yourself it is just BEAUTIFUL.
    IN AWE

  2. I am so excited about you coming to teach at Bribbaree. Bill, my husband of almost 40 years, calls Bribbaree the Hub of the Universe.
    So Irene you are coming to the hub of the Universe. We won’t disappoint you! Cheers, Anne

    1. Anne – I think I have the best job – visiting places that I’d never heard of before – what fun!! I know that it’s going to be a great workshop and we are going to have so much fun!

  3. Hi Irene, I am so excited that you are coming to teach us at Bribbaree, I have booked in and am looking forward to meeting you and attending your class. Your quilts are just beautiful….

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