Jukejema and beyond…………

I’m finally back in Melbourne after my fantastic road trip.

And what a blast that was!

After Wodonga and Carolyn’s Quilting Room I drove up to Sydney for my trunk shows and workshop in Jukejema.

I left Sydney early Monday morning to get to Jukejema in Nowra – I wasn’t sure where it was and this was the first time I’d driven in Sydney by myself relying on my GPS –  so wanted to make sure that I got there in time for my first trunk show – my “matinee” trunk show!  Finally arrived in time to settle into my lovely motel, grab a quick lunch and head off to Jukejema.  I was having too much fun to remember to get all the photos I wanted so didn’t get any of the shop.  It is a lovely bright shop with fabric that makes up a big part of my stash –  but more importantly Kim, the owner, is just lovely and made me feel at ease as soon as we met.

Again, I didn’t get photos of the trunk shows – I was just too busy to even think about it.  Needless to say that both trunk shows, the “matinee” and the night show were very enjoyable and well attended.  It was very humbling and truly gratifying to know that there are women out there who like my quilts – and to actually get to meet with them and chat with them.  I thank you all.

I was up bright and early Tuesday morning for the first day of my workshop – teaching Mosaics.  11 quilters and myself all raring to go.  I thought that I was running late because when I got there most of them were already there ready to start!

Here are some photos of our workshop.  If I’ve got your names wrong ladies I apologise.

Clockwise: The "talkative" table; Julie and Elaine, Barbara , Liz and Wendy at the light box; Anne showing the centre of her Mosaics to Barbara
Clockwise: Di with her beautiful first hexa; Donna; Anne and Lee; Larene
Wendy seems to be concentrating and I didn't want to interrupt!!

And thank you Margaret for the absolutely yummy slices that kept up our carbs throughout the workshop!


Kim and me (with a bad hair day - I blame the humidity!!!)

Whilst I was in Sydney I also visited another couple of shops – again no photos!

Patchwork Plus in Miranda – another lovely shop with lots and lots and lots of fabric.  This was a visit that I decided to make on the spur of the moment and I wasn’t disappointed.  Whilst I didn’t get to meet Lorraine I did get to meet Karen Cunningham who was teaching there and she very graciously allowed me to show off my quilts to the girls in her class.

I also visited Quiltsmith – another shop with such a yummy range of fabric – just when you think you’ve seen all in one room you realise that there is another room just as full of fabric.  I am delighted to say that they will be stocking my patterns in the future.

Of course, last but not least, I celebrated my “bestie’s” BIG birthday and gave her a quilt that was beautifully quilted by Rebecca Rae, my machine quilter extraordinaire from A Stitch N Line.

Driving back to Melbourne was a looooooooooong loooooooong boring trip – 10 hours in all.  I’m not sure that I’ll do it again – all I could think of whilst driving was all the quilting and sewing I could have done!

Well, I’m hoping to do a lot more teaching in New South Wales in 2013 – so if you are out there come see me and say hi!

6 thoughts on “Jukejema and beyond…………

  1. Anne West says:

    Thank you Irene and Kim for a fabulous 2 days. I have come away so inspired. We are so lucky to be able to sit and stitch with amazing women who share our passion. Thank you Irene for making the trek to NSW, we are worth it. Looking forward to meeting the challenge in Nowra in March!
    Happy stitching, Anne

    • Irene says:

      Hi Anne – Thanks for your lovely comments – and yes you girls were worth it! I had a great time, just having fun sewing with you girls. Very much looking forward to catching up with you all in March.

  2. Lee Mills says:

    Like Anne, I too had a wonderful time at the Mosaic workshop. Really appreciated you coming this far Irene. Looooove your quilts! You are an inspiration! What a relaxing, friendly 2 days.
    Thank you soooooo much.
    See you in March

    • Irene says:

      Hi Lee – So good to hear from you! I really enjoyed my time with you all and it sure was a pleasure to hang around with such a lovely bunch of women! I know that we are going to have so much fun in March – can’t wait!

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