First stop Wodonga!!

What a great weekend I’ve had!

The Wodonga quilters I met are awesome – and you all know who you are! And I know that I’ve made some good friends here – and I’ll be baaaaaack……….

The trunk show at Carolyn’s Quilting Room on Friday was a great deal of fun.  There were about 15 women, all enthusiastic – which makes it so much easier for me.  It was good to meet them and hear their comments about my quilts – it helps me realise that what I’m doing is so appreciated!  After the talk came the “fondling of the quilts” – which always puts a smile on my face – quilts are meant to be fondled and touched and caressed ….

My No. 1 Wodonga fan - Jacquie; the "fondling of the quilts"

Saturday saw me bright and early in the shop raring to go.  I always enjoy teaching Floral Beauty, my first design ever.  When I first taught it one of the requirements I listed was a phone headset.  This of course received a lot of attention.  This was the quilt that showed me that I could do two things at once – as if I didn’t know that before after all I am a woman!  So I installed a headset and whenever any of my girlfriends called I’d say “hang on” and I’d grab my headset and my sewing.  I did most of this quilt on the phone!

I also enjoy seeing the wide variety of fabrics that quilters use for this quilt.

All the blocks at the end of the day

And guess who gatecrashed our class?

Sue-Anne from Buddy and me blog!

Sue-Anne had started Floral Beauty and brought it in for us all to drool over.  I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos thinking that I had already photographed them – and I had but they were on my other computer at home.

Very organised Shelly - see that neat pile of fabric in front of her?

Shelly and Jan looked after me very well – I couldn’t have asked for better hosts!  Jan where were you?  I missed getting a photo of you – maybe next time!  And of course I did make a dent in my “wages” for the day – how could I resist when there are such beautiful fabrics just begging to be taken home.


Carolyn's Quilting Room - such luscious fabric!

I was so fortunate to meet this wonderful group – AND to be asked to come back to teach.  So Wodonga…. I’ll be back!

And lastly, don’t you just love this sign?

Sign in car park

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