I’m going on a road trip!!

I’m off on a road trip!!!  Yippee!!!

I’ve been so looking forward to this – a whole week away!

First stop – Wodonga at Carolyn’s Quilting Room.  Carolyn invited me to do a trunk show and a one day workshop teaching Floral Beauty.  Carolyn is in the US right now for Quilt Market, but I have been very well looked after by Jan and Shelly.  So if you’re in the area please pop in and say hi.  The trunk show is on tonight – Friday 26 October at 7:00pm and the workshop is tomorrow – Saturday 27 October.

Another shop that has been wanting me to teach is Jukejema Quilting Barn in Nowra, but the logistics of me going there just didn’t seem feasible.  Well, as I was going to be driving to Wodonga I was almost halfway there.  So Kim (from Jukejema) and I worked it out and I thought “why not”.

So…. After Wodonga I leave for Sydney, spend a night with my “bestie” in Sydney and on to Nowra for 2 trunk shows (woo hoo!!) on Monday 29 October – one at 2:30 and the other at 7:30, and a two day workshop teaching Mosaics on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All this travelling just so happens to coincide with my “bestie’s” BIG birthday.  Now shush….. don’t tell her ……. I’ve made a quilt just for her.  She is one of a few “keepers” of my quilts – you know you have those non-quilting friends who love your quilts and you know take especially good care of them.

I’ve been frantically trying to get all my stuff together – working long nights collating patterns and prepping sewing….my talk….notes….

So I’ve packed 2 large suitcases plus another large cloth bag stuffed full of my quilts, boxes of patterns, and assorted other bags with computer, sewing and “provisions”.  I’m hoping of course to have lots of time to sew – am I kidding myself or what?


Mini trying to sneak into my bags!

I’m going to try and take lots of photos of my trip, so stay tuned.

See ya soon!

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