Message in a bottle!

You know how sometimes a new pattern really excites you?

And you just HAVE to do it right away?

Well, that’s what’s happened to me.  I had this idea in my head, that slowly came out onto paper and before I knew it it just grew and grew.

Firstly I must confess that I absolutely LOVE script or newsprint fabric.  I’ve been collecting and collecting and collecting over time – and now have a basketful!

Well……….the quilt I had in mind was going to make use of a LOT of newsprint/script fabric.  As I also enjoy designing vases, flowers, baskets – I knew that I wanted that to be the theme.  But with newsprint/script fabric?

The title came to me first – “Message in a bottle” – and I ran with it.

I enjoyed the process of designing the bottles – with flowers of course.  I wanted the quilt to be awash with colour – without beige/cream backgrounds.  Once I started drafting and drawing it seemed that inspiration came from everywhere.  I certainly don’t call myself an “artist” because I can’t really draw but…… sometimes what I see in my head gets translated pretty closely onto paper.  Other times I struggle to get it right and don’t always succeed.

Once that was all done I put it away thinking I’d start it after finishing work on Mimosa and Tulipa.  But the urge to start was too strong so I decided “what the heck” ……… I worked over a weekend and a few nights and glued all the blocks down and machine sewed the fillers.

And here are some of the blocks:

The block that was the inspiration for the quilt
This started off with just flowers and evolved with bottles added!
Don't you love coloured leaves?
A bouquet of leaves with filler blocks.

In the meantime, Margaret and Jennifer are off to the US to Quilt Market.  Wish I was going – maybe next time.  And why are they going?  We were commissioned to design a quilt using Marianne Elizabeth’s new fabric range – Arabella Rose, the pattern of which will be released at Fall Market.  Go to my other blog Turn left for Harmony to read the story there.

10 thoughts on “Message in a bottle!

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Irene. I am responding here because you are set up as a noreply blogger. (if that’s your intent sorry) 🙂

    I think it’s harder to work with the softer colors actually. The brights pretty much do the work themselves–with a little black and white to calm them down enough. The quilt was made to cheer up my daughter—I’m hoping it keeps on doing that—she seems to like it.

    • Irene says:

      Hi Meredithe
      tI won’t be long – I can’t wait to get started sewing on it BUT i must finish Tulipa first and of course I’ve started hand piecing a dutch chintz quilt as well! Just wish there were more hours in my day.

    • Irene says:

      Thanks Janine! I too just love this quilt and I’m finding it very hard to wait to actually sew it! I am being very disciplined and trying to finish another quilt first. But let’s see I may do them both together. I’ve actually finished sticking down ALL the blocks so it’s hard to hold off on sewing them.

  2. Brigid says:

    Irene, I just saw your Message in a Bottle quilt today at the Mill Rose Cottage, and just love it too!
    Such a bright and colourful quilt, and the text prints are just gorgeous. Great to read your story about the inspiration behind your beautiful quilt!

    • Irene says:

      Hi Brigid
      Thank you for your lovely comments. This is one quilt that was a lot of fun. I wanted it to be bright with lots of colourful fabric. As you saw, i LOVE newsprint/text fabric and had to make use of the large basket of fabric that I have – of course I haven’t made much of a dent in it!

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