Message in a bottle!

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You know how sometimes a new pattern really excites you?

And you just HAVE to do it right away?

Well, that’s what’s happened to me.  I had this idea in my head, that slowly came out onto paper and before I knew it it just grew and grew.

Firstly I must confess that I absolutely LOVE script or newsprint fabric.  I’ve been collecting and collecting and collecting over time – and now have a basketful!

Well……….the quilt I had in mind was going to make use of a LOT of newsprint/script fabric.  As I also enjoy designing vases, flowers, baskets – I knew that I wanted that to be the theme.  But with newsprint/script fabric?

The title came to me first – “Message in a bottle” – and I ran with it.

I enjoyed the process of designing the bottles – with flowers of course.  I wanted the quilt to be awash with colour – without beige/cream backgrounds.  Once I started drafting and drawing it seemed that inspiration came from everywhere.  I certainly don’t call myself an “artist” because I can’t really draw but…… sometimes what I see in my head gets translated pretty closely onto paper.  Other times I struggle to get it right and don’t always succeed.

Once that was all done I put it away thinking I’d start it after finishing work on Mimosa and Tulipa.  But the urge to start was too strong so I decided “what the heck” ……… I worked over a weekend and a few nights and glued all the blocks down and machine sewed the fillers.

And here are some of the blocks:

The block that was the inspiration for the quilt
This started off with just flowers and evolved with bottles added!
Don't you love coloured leaves?
A bouquet of leaves with filler blocks.

In the meantime, Margaret and Jennifer are off to the US to Quilt Market.  Wish I was going – maybe next time.  And why are they going?  We were commissioned to design a quilt using Marianne Elizabeth’s new fabric range – Arabella Rose, the pattern of which will be released at Fall Market.  Go to my other blog Turn left for Harmony to read the story there.