Missing in action!

Well…….. it’s been a while!!  Somehow despite me making a promise to myself that I’d post more often, life does tend to get in the way.  Not that I haven’t been doing any quilty things, but……….sometimes time just gets away.  .

I’ve been really busy since my last post, doing lots of other “stuff” but also including some quilting – I’m trying to finish two quilts – Mimosa and Tulipa but they both seem to be going very slowly.  I keep on getting distracted by diamond and hexagon quilts.

and what exactly have I been doing?

A week away at Byron Bay running a different kind of workshop (I also run meditation workshops).  We have one of the most beautiful retreat centres, Sangsurya and have the best time!

A fabulous day at Linda Collins viewing the Chester County Criswell Quilt which was the main feature as well as a number of other beautiful antique quilts.  Janet O’Dell showed us one of her quilts that I absolutely fell in love with – it had the most divine fabric.  Oh I wish some of the fabric used in that quilt were available… sigh…….

Another weekend meditation workshop in the Blue Mountains(aren’t I lucky I get to go to all the best places!)

My last Botanika class at Mill Rose Cottage.  I had a small lovely group of quilters, Lizzie, Lyn, Lyn 2 and Cheryl whom I hope to see again for more classes.  These lovely women were my “testers”.  Botanika was quite a difficult pattern to write and we managed to iron out all the little errors.  So that pattern is now available at Mill Rose or on my website.


That's Floral Beauty and Botanika hanging up at Mill Rose Cottage


Lyn's Botanika - so different to mine - and so beautiful!

My weekend away with Essendon Quilters to Castlemaine.  This came about unexpectedly.  I wasn’t supposed to be going as I had a class to teach, but fortunately (for me at least) it was cancelled so I was a last minute edition.  For the last two years we’ve met at the Castle Motel where we have a large room for sewing where of course nothing has to be put away at night – wonderful.  I missed out on this retreat last year due to other commitments so was very pleased to be able to attend this year and catch up with many old and new friends.  Sorry no photos here.  I took my camera and only remembered on the last day when most women had left.  I even managed to catch up twice with Jennifer for lunch (some sort of record I think).

Now something that is dear to my heart – labels!  Yeah…… I know …….. boring…… but….. after spending so much time making beautiful quilts I feel that the label should in some way reflect the quilt that I make, and I try to do this with most of my quilts – if I have time of course.  Here are a few of my labels:


Labels for Auntie Greens Garden and The Clamshell Quilt
Labels for Blooming Springtime and Floral Beauty

Till next time – hopefully sooner rather than later!

6 thoughts on “Missing in action!

  1. marsha says:

    Hi Irene! Glad to hear about your adventures. Jennifer did fill us in on some of your doings. You have been on busy lady. I have changed to a new webpage so if you get a chance, drop by sometime! Marsha

  2. Sharon Barnes says:

    Wasn’t it a great day at Linda’s? It was such fun to take the Chester Quilt out for a show and tell. As for the fabrics in Janet’s beautiful masterpiece – I’m still dreaming about them!

    • Irene says:

      Hi Sharon
      Yes it was a great day at Linda’s. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited and the Chester quilt was indeed beautiful.

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Irene. Nice to see you in blog land again!!! Can’t wait until the end of next month when your teaching at my shop. Maybe you’ll need to bring your two works in progress quilts so we can have a sneaky peak at them. I know that they’ll be gorgeous! Kim

    • Irene says:

      Hi Kim! I can’t wait either – I know that its going to be fun! I do intend bringing my latest quilts with me. Hopefully i get another one started and will bring that in too! Looking forward to the trunk show too – I just have to brush up my speaking voice! 🙂

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