Sewing Day at Andrea’s

I spent another happy day with Andrea and a group of her friends, teaching them the easy way of doing a clamshell quilt.  We had 9 ladies all fired up to start.  It was fun to see the different fabrics chosen – including reproductions, scrappy, pinks/browns, red/cream, greens (in tiny clamshells)  and “gelato colours”.

Carolyn, Rosie, Lyn, Annie, Andrea, Alison, Andrea, Judy, Dee

We spent the morning working really hard and then the afternoon?  Well…….. we had some really interesting discussions going on – which I’m sorry I can’t talk about because if I do they will have to kill me!!

Everyone brought a plate (except me as tutor – aren’t I privileged?), so there were many wonderful things to eat for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  Yummy.

At the end of the day we placed what they had all done on the table for a photograph and I must say everyone was pleased!  However the photo I took didn’t turn out very well, so sorry no photo!

Carolyn has been working on my Floral Beauty pattern and I was blown away by her choice of fabric and her very clever use of fussy cutting.

Love that fussy cutting!

I can’t wait for her to finish the quilt to see her choice of fabrics – which is so very different to mine and so beautiful!


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