The start of a new quilt is always exciting for me.  I draft the pattern, then redraft it, then re-work it, then re-design it …….. you get the picture!  When I’m finally happy with the rough draft, I then spend time drawing each shape to how I see it in my mind’s eye.  This is the part of the designing process that I enjoy the most.  Once that’s done I’m happy – I have my quilt down on paper!  As I have a day job I then have to wait for a free day – usually on a weekend if I’m not teaching somewhere – as I much prefer to choose fabrics during the day with natural sunlight

Then comes the process of choosing – and playing – with fabric.  This too is fun.  I try and limit myself to a certain number of fabrics.  I choose from my large and extensive stash (don’t we all have them?), say 10 each of the colours that I’m going to work with.  I try not to vary from these fabrics…… so I don’t do that agonising over fabric choices that I once used to.

My fabric choices for Tulips - I know it looks messy but............

Then is the fun part –  cutting and gluing.  I love this part the best because I know that I can soon start sewing!!  Yeah!!

All ready for cutting - of course I can't do without my music!

I used to be quite messy with my designing.  I’d start with lots of A4 papers with scribbles all over them which I’d then put into a plastic envelope.  The last quilt I did made me realise how difficult it was trying to understand some of my scribbles as well as keeping track of all my papers.  I then took a leaf out of Margaret’s book and decided to be more organised.  So now I have a “design book” – which sounds very professional and makes me feel as if I am a “professional designer” instead of a “dabbler”!

By the way the new quilt will be called TULIPA – named with the help of my friends who came to the Craft Retreat with me.  I find naming quilts quite difficult and wish I was more inspired with this.

3 thoughts on “TULIPA

  1. Joy says:

    After the brain storming at our retreat, glad you decided on “Tulipa”. Can’t wait to see the quilt.
    Happy stitching

  2. Sue-Anne says:

    Hi Irene,
    We met at CAG and I have finally started your “Floral Beauty” quilt. I have just discovered your blog and want to welcome you to “blogland”.

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