Botanika class at Millrose Cottage

Had my second Botanika class at Millrose Cottage.


This is a 9 block quilt with sashing and viney border.  I had made this quilt quite a few years ago based on  postcards with leaf drawings.   When I completed the quilt I was told that the time wasn’t right for “leaves”.  So the quilt sat in my cupboard until Sue from Millrose Cottage saw it and asked if I had a pattern.  Of course, I hadn’t written out a pattern as yet so had to get cracking.  Sue and I decided to offer it as 3 classes with about 6 weeks between classes, which gave me lots of time to write out the pattern.

I have four fabulous girls in my class and you can check out their progress.  I always find it amazing how different all the quilts turn out – each one using their own special “blend” of fabrics.

Liz's blocks - she's using felt in some of her blocks
Lyn's blocks


Lynne's blocks
Cheryl's blocks

I am still trying to catch up with the pattern and should have it completed by the time we come to the last class in September.

Teaching at Millrose is so much fun.  The work area is large, comfortable and full of natural sunlight.  A great place to sew.


A busy class - all working hard!

Today was also Ballan Farmer’s Market day  with many visitors to the market as well as casual “strollers” through the shop and the classroom – with lots of interest in what we were sewing.  Lunch is served next door (included in the price of the workshop) – the tomato soup being a favourite and the afternoon tea of custard slices is to die for!!   Can’t wait for my September class.


  1. Thanks for a lovely class again Irene, it was a great day. It’s really good how all four quilts are going to be so different isn’t it, I’m loving doing it in wool and cotton…

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