Natchez and beyond

Jenn’s doing this quick post for me.  So this will be just a few photo’s and there will be lots more photos to come.

at the Natchez Eola Hotel.

I’m definitely heading back to Natchez, love it!  We drove through Tennessee a couple of weeks ago – from San Antonio – took the Natchez trace parkway ……

Pumping gas & Navigator duties, Margaret's driving.

After visiting the Winterthur Museum yesterday in Wilmington, Delaware we were able to ‘pop’ in to Pennsylvania. This is the first covered bridge we’ve seen. Hope to see more in New England.

Our first covered bridge, we don't have anything like that at home.

We’re leaving Wilmington for New York today, then Boston, the Lowell and then before I know it back home.



  1. Hello, Irene.
    It was so wonderful to meet you in person and share the day in Lowell with you and Margaret. I’ve “subscribed” so I can keep up with your doings and also watch as your quilts show up. Stay in touch.

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